Fusion Food: Kosambari Salad with a Twist

If you’ve read about my constant love-hate relationship with South Indian cuisine, you’ll probably understand why I still keep going back to it. Conditioned by Delhi’s culture and cuisine, I have disliked authentic south Indian flavours for the better part of my childhood. I never really pondered if the keerai koothu (spinach curry) my mother prepared had all the…

When Foodie Goes on a Diet

Did I mention that I’m a foodie? I eat pizzas, pasta and sometimes samosas for breakfast. I have always loved junk and seaweeded all things delicious.

Foodie Gets Fit

Reading this might make you feel like it’s one more rant about just any other girl’s weight loss journey.

Zumba it Out!

If you have noticed us on Instagram, we’ve started out this whole new campaign called #Foodiegetsfit and we’re getting pretty serious about this. Right at that time, this Zumba class was like a god sent reminder for Prerna and me to fall back and follow that track.