Officewear: What to wear to office

I’m generally lazy when it comes to dressing up to office. Even though my office starts at 10:30 in the morning, I hardly have the time to get up, fish out something from my closet and adorn makeup. Somedays I’m so late that I don’t have time to even apply kajal – which I can’t say without.

However, recently, I managed to leave my bed in time and dress up a little, just like a fashion person should. And this is what I choose to wear.






Dress: Shein
Necklace: W
Rings: Forever 21 and ESS custom-made
Belt: A boutique in Singapore (Checkout the haul here)
Bag: Zara India
Footwear: Street Style Store
On my lips: Victoria’s Secrets velvet matte lipstick (Checkout the review here)
Photos: Jasjeet Plaha


Can't step out without looking effortlessly stylish, is short of clothes all the time - even after a wardrobe brimming with them. Lives for food, hates to diet & wants to travel the world all in one life. Hopelessly positive I never forget to don my rose-tinted glasses. A fan of all things stylish and delicious I'm here to share my passion for pretty little and big things with you. Stay tuned to know all about fashion and food. xoxo

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