Travel in style: Green is my new favourite

The pantone colour of the year is green however initially I never liked green as a colour. When I opened my wardrobe to fish out something in green to shoot a blogpost, I had none. I browsed through many websites and window shopped but nothing changed my mind. While one day in office, I came across a sponsored post on Instagram that took me to a website where I found this dress. If you ask me, I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to purchase it. But eventually after giving it a thought and seeing it again and again, one weekend I went ahead and bought it.
I wore it on my trip to Singapore and here is how I styled it. I’m quite happy now that i broke the no-green norm with this one.




Dress: Lulu & Sky
Footwear: Street Style Store
Earrings: Forever 21
Watch: Kenneth Cole


Can't step out without looking effortlessly stylish, is short of clothes all the time - even after a wardrobe brimming with them. Lives for food, hates to diet & wants to travel the world all in one life. Hopelessly positive I never forget to don my rose-tinted glasses. A fan of all things stylish and delicious I'm here to share my passion for pretty little and big things with you. Stay tuned to know all about fashion and food. xoxo

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