Love Affair With Florals

I love florals! I guess it is a staple in every girls wardrobe but mine has been raided with them. They say, when in doubt wear white, I would say, when in doubt wear florals. I know this dress of mine will remind many of the Dior floral collection. But hey, this one probably is inspired by it. Scroll down and see the entire look.



Dress: Stalk Buy Love
Footwear: Street Style Store
Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo
Location: Singapore

PS: If you guys havn’t seen my Singapore City Tour Video and Haul, click on the link and watch it now

Until next time,


Can't step out without looking effortlessly stylish, is short of clothes all the time - even after a wardrobe brimming with them. Lives for food, hates to diet & wants to travel the world all in one life. Hopelessly positive I never forget to don my rose-tinted glasses. A fan of all things stylish and delicious I'm here to share my passion for pretty little and big things with you. Stay tuned to know all about fashion and food. xoxo

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