Review: Morphe 35N Eyeshadow Palette


Last year, my obsession for makeup started after a colleague at work used me as a canvas to showcase her talent. Soon I saw myself inclined and drifted towards eye makeup. I bought all the right brushes I needed, a simple eye shadow palette and started trying out new ways to colour my eyelids. After being addicted to beauty Youtubers, I finally made a list of things I wanted (half of which were not available in India) So I asked a friend coming from The US for her wedding to get me the much-love and the most-wanted thing in my list, the Morphe Palette.

And guys, you will forget everything, once you use it! It is highly pigmented, no fallout and the formula is such that it stays in place for more than 8 hours – I only tried for that long and it was in place.


It blends very very smoothly and there are no fall outs. So if you can get your hand on the Morphe palette, try 35N. It has warm to cold colours both along with a few matte ones and a few glitter ones. From mild peaches to browns, marsalas and blacks, the palette has it all and by far my favourite product.

Here are all the swatches for you:

Price: It costed me around INR 2000
Here’s how you can order it:
1. You can get it delivered to a cousin or a friend living in the US and ask them to courier it to you or bring along when they visit.
2. You can order from online portals like Beauty Bay and They might not have the entire collection and take longer than usual to deliver, but both are trustworthy.

Have you ever tried or any other palettes from Morphe? Leave us a comment!

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