Latest Saree Gowns – New Trend Of Wedding Dresses


A good ring to all who dream of draping in a beautiful saree gown! Women, who find tucking and pleating while draping sarees a pretty fussy job, will find this article cool and handy. Those six or nine yard pieces are really a bedazzled one when it comes to your desi appeal. Whether you tuck them in a conventional way or put up those layers in a contemporary way, sarees have always been the heart throb of every stylish lass.
Welcome saree gowns, directly from the couture of some famous Indian designer. They made every pretty faces’ job easy by decoding the way of draping and pleating and getting that ultimate look.
(Be aware of Grandma; she may get envy of you and your comforts)
Let’s check out what actually they are and why they are fame seeing no ending since their inception…

What Are Saree Gowns?
It’s like embracing the whorl of modernity with zero restraint. Saree gown is basically a traditional saree with typical pleats but with western bliss of gown like silhouette. The sheer adhere of these attires make them most opted by stylish girls and women.

The Advantages:
1. Easy to wear & put on
2. Looks mysterious – ethnic wear or western wear?
3. Can be complemented with crop tops and conventional blouses as well
4. An amateur can easily drape in a jiffy
Now, you do not need to stop while dancing or brisk walking, because this type of contemporary yet traditional saree won’t bother you in any way. Yes, this generation got strong inspiration from Bollywood actresses and they are Sonam Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty, Deepika Padukone, Desi girl aka PRiyanka Chopra and the list goes on…

Hollywood Popularity Of Saree Gowns
Be it preppy PussyCat Dolls or Halle Berry, every pretty in Hollywood as well has shown up their glam in saree gowns. You must remember the year 2012 when Paris Hilton came in India to launch her handbag store. You say ‘Why’!? Well, she wore a neon pink saree gown with pallu style sleeve. And how can we forget our pretty Angelina Jolie in ‘The Great Alexander’ where is looking drop dead gorgeous in traditional 9 yards’ piece!
What Can Be Worn With Saree Gowns?


But its complementation can give you tougher times, so here are some really easy tips to wear with:
Catch the intense heat with western looked bodice blouses. These blouse designs come up in somewhat corset style and cover all your waist area. The part is if you have a neat hourglass figure then you will definitely ace the moment. And if don’t have, cheer up, this style is known for its illusionary part. It will offer you a figure like that!
One can also adorn them with capes and golden brooches. They are easy to worn over any regular blouse or spaghetti. Strut off on the road wearing pumps or stilettos and let’s add some extra oomph with this women’s ethnic dress.


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