Quite a Shady Business



When I was in college, I barely wore sunglasses to cover my eyes. Even though, it was then that I was exposed to the harsh sun more than now. I sit the major hours of the sun inside an air conditioned room and blog about how a saree is more about an emotion than an outfit. But I had a lot of friends who knew the art of accessorising well when I was still struggling to find a consensus.

Flirty, chillax and totally signifies the woman who’s a beach bum.

My boyfriend introduced me to the classic Rayban aviators which I instantly fell for, and wore it till they faded in the strong rays. I thought no other shape would suit me and twice bitten, never shy, I bought them even after losing them in the beaches of Goa, twice!

Did someone say classy? Because, yes, that’s me!

I finally learnt my lesson and decided to buy something that would be lighter on the pocket. That’s when my real love affair with sunglasses begun, and practically never stopped.

I discovered that round frames suit me despite having a round face. Reflectors don’t look as bad as I’d probably imagined, and over-sized frames don’t make you look older.

Perfecting the bohemian vibe without a bit of doubt. Put on a hat, a Marilyn Monroe-esque mole and take on the world.

A few years in OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Collecting), I realised I had a sizeable collection that looked new! That’s when we decided to style them as characters of their own. This shoot was inspired after hours of scrolling on Pinterest and it’s been one of my accomplishments to have produced this.

I come with an HD camera for my selfies, b***h and I totally ace the game at being the glam squad. Haven’t you seen my pout?

Instead of putting ourseleves out there like all times, we thought this was a fun way to put our ‘imaginary’ talks with ourselves into a frame. Everyone has them, and nobody remembers them, so tell us if this took you down the memory lane.

Mogra, vintage vibes and sass spelled together in one frame. Oh, gold-rimmed sunglasses for the win.

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