Review: Biotique Morning Nector Moisturizer

image2 (1)We all think that moisturizing is for the winters but this is just a myth. Summers need a lot nourishment and SPF to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun. And if you are a lazy girl who loves to procrastinate just like me, I’m sure you too don’t use these products.

Having said that, this season I made sure to take care of my skin after my colleague – a big time makeup junkie- inspired me to do so. She told me the benefits of SPF and that my skin – which I felt is not dry at all – needs to be moisturized.

So on her recommendation, I went ahead and bought Biotique’s Bio Morning Nector with SPF 30. Now this is a product that solves two purposes. It gives my skin the nourishment it needs, and the SPF in it protects me from the sun.

All I do now is apply it on my face and arms after a quick shower and I’m good to go. It has a very faint fragrance that doesn’t disturb me at all and my skin feels fresh. Generally, sunscreens make your face a little dry but this one doesn’t.

I have been using this product since the past one week and I love it. It’s light, easy to apply and fuss-free. If you are a fan of pretty packaging, this product will not appeal you at first but do give it a shot because it is totally worth it.

Price: INR 199
Rating: 4/5
Buy it here

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