The Scarf Theory


Scarves have been a staple in my wardrobe for decades. I wear it with everything and anything. Especially during my college days, when I didn’t care about my skin, and a scarf was the only precaution I took to protect my it. While in those days, I didn’t really have a lot of options to pick and choose scarves to make a statement. I thought it was a necessity more than an accessory.

But as I got into fashion, it became clearer that scarves are actually such a cool accessory and there’s so much you can do (Courtesy those hyper lapse videos flouting on Facebook) to style them and make them look so cool.

So when Ahujasons kindly approached us to collaborate with them to shoot their new range of summer scarves, we were delighted to revisit our past and create images that would form the essence of what we have become today. The scarves resonate with our personality, printed, neons, abstract and more. The collection is an eclectic mix of new colours, amazing prints and really good quality. The best thing, they’re so reasonable!

With the scorching heat in Delhi that literally burning us, it was really a task we took upon us to shoot these images. We hope you like the result!




Styled and Conceptualised  by Prerna Gauba

Photographed and Text by Somya Suresh

Scaves from Ahujasons Official

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  1. The black and white pic at the end is just epic…it was not over done or under done….just the right proportion…I loved it…


    1. somyasuresh says:

      Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it!

      Liked by 1 person

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