I Finally Found the Foundation of My Dreams!


Finding the perfect foundation has been literally, the task of my life. In the initial years, I didn’t even know there are two types of undertones every skin has-pink and yellow, and which one I fall under. I just knew I had to test it on my palm (don’t) and whichever made me look fair, was the best.

But then obviously and thankfully I grew up, unlearnt my misconceptions, and luckily entered the fashion industry. I was made more aware of my skin, especially by ‘skin specialists’ who put me under the lens and told me how coffee had given me those dark circles and wine had given me my puffy eyes. With all that, the search for the ‘perfect foundation’ became only harder. I thought spending more than Rs 500 on a foundation made no sense, so the high end beauties were out of reach.

All through last year, I was applying a CC cream as a base for my makeup, but it didn’t give me the glow I needed on my face and definitely didn’t stay on. I have a wheatish, uneven complexion with a slightly darker (sunburnt) forehead and chin. I tried countless foundations, and nothing really cut it until this one that I am going to tell you about.I tried the L’Oreal Infallible ( test it on your neck) foundation and it’s been an absolute delight to use and an even better experience when it comes to longevity. It promises a 24 hour coverage, which, (god bless me) I haven’t required. But I have gone about in heat, mud, and a sultry weather  shooting, getting shot and it has lasted me 12 hours without any need for re-application.


The foundation blends like a dream and gives soft, dewy skin once applied. If you have a slightly oily to combination skin, you won’t require a moisturizer underneath it even. But, I still moist my skin for better application.

Packaging and Pricing
The packaging is easy to use and carry. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump, which means no mess around when you’re lugging it around places.
The pricing for me was a little high when I saw the product but hadn’t tried it. But after using it, I can surely tell you it’s worth every penny. The BEST part about this range is the availability of shades that helps you pick the EXACT colour to suit your skin tone.

Priced at  Rs 1325 but available at Rs 1000 at Nykka. You will not be disappointed. If you have a similar skin tone, I am using the shade 250 Radiant Sand.

FYI: If you’re fairer, you can even use this shade to get that tanned effect! We tried it on Prerna, it works. 🙂

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