The Bright Side

bnwThe best part about any shoot is to find a new side to your personality with every shot taken. This shoot was about exploring ourselves without having the pressure of following a trend. It was a bright, sunny day and we wanted to dress up in outfits that made us feel good about ourselves.

We’d been feeling a happy within ourselves, and throwing in a bright outfit just made sense. We chose bright neon yellow on Prerna from Vastra by Milonee with big bold earrings, and a custom-made gown by ESS in red for me (Somya) paired with a traditional neck-piece. This time we had Vaibhav Sachedva take our pictures while we enjoy the camera presence.

We wanted to give this shoot the trait that got us together- happiness. We get so mixed up with our routine lives that it’s quite difficult to put together a look that’s actually a signifier of your happy state, but this shoot was equal parts happy and equal parts fun.

We all get bogged down with our work and routine and don’t realise that it’s actually time for a break. Sometimes, you’re so caught up with ‘handling’ everything that you forget to appreciate yourself. Introspection is an important part of our lives and it should never let you doubt your worth, ever.

So while you’re doing the work you love, have fun and be honest.





On Prerna:
Dress: Vastra by Milonee
Earring: custom made by ESS
on lips: Colorbar tooti frooti

On Somya:
Dress: custom-made by ESS
Necklace: thrifted
on lips: MAC Diva

Photography by Vaibhav Sachdeva


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jaya Ahuja says:

    Loved both the outfits! 😍


    1. Prerna says:

      Thankyou Jaya 🙂


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