Seize the Day


In a shoot, there goes a lot of planning and preparations. Every shoot you see has whole lot of ideation and inspiration behind it.

We also plan our shoots
for weeks thriving to get that one perfect picture. We figure out the right angles, clothes and props we would need. But honestly, things never go by what we plan. This time was no different. Inspired by our favourite photographer Bikramjit Bose, we wanted to do a black and white shoot that brings out the sensual side of a demure girl.

We ‘wanted’ to shoot in the elevator but before we could frame an ideal shot, the lift would start hooting and it wasn’t possible to shoot inside a jerky old lift like that one. So we took a break and sat down around the stairs thinking this is an absolute failure. Prerna was on the phone, the light was perfect and I (Somya) casually took a shot from my phone. And it looked spot on – just the way I imagined it.

The rest was magic. Everything fell into place; the lighting was just enough, my angles were right, and every pose was perfect- we didn’t even do re-takes!

It made me realise that in our daily lives, we plan everything way too much. Be it this shoot, an outing, our weekly schedule and meetings, leaving no room for spontaneity. This shoot gave us back that feeling of living life in the moment and savouring every slice of it.

It also made us realize that you don’t need the best gear to shoot for an image to look perfect, and hence this shoot was entirely shot on The iPhone6 and One Plus Two.

Yes guys, it’s time we stop planning and just seize the day for once. And it might surprise you, and fall in love with the newly found self.



image3 copy

image1 (1)

Photographed by Somya Suresh
Makeup by Shaily Rawat

On Prerna Gauba
Dress: Mango India
Heels: Forever 21

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