This is Why You Must Try the Patanjali Conditioner


I am generally not the kind who experiments a lot with shampoos or conditioners. I have curly, frizzy hair that’s quite hard to tame. So I stave off from trying too many products that might do more damage than good. This was one of the rare times when I was pretty much in awe of the yoga guru my mom used to follow pretty religiously.  His new range of cosmetic products were everywhere.  Ever drugstore was stocking it and I had seen it too much for me to not try it.

Out of sheer curiosity, I picked it up and thought of trying the product. It costs just 60 bucks and it was quite a steal for that money! The first time I opened the product, it smelled divine! Seriously unexpected! The packaging was obviously not as expected, the ‘label’ didn’t look like a luxury product- and it’s not. I bought the Patanjali Protein Conditioner.

So it was time to check if it will condition my crazy curly, naturally dry hair or not. I used the conditioner after finishing my shower and applied one squeeze all over my hair, and a little extra at the ends. I generally do this because I have curly hair that tends to get way more split ends than normal people, and I feel this small ordeal kind of restores that for me.

While the conditioner felt really great on my hair after I washed it off, I couldn’t know ‘fully’ as to how much it has worked until my hair had completely dried out. So once that happened, I almost felt like magic! No kidding! My hair was softer, fuller and way more shinier than the previous conditioner I was using. It gave my hair a natural bounce while controlling the frizz. I was so happy with the product that I decided to dump the other conditioner and use this for life.


This was the result of first wash, and I have been using it to close to a month now, and I can tell you I feel the same. The only drawback of the conditioner is that it makes your hair look slightly slick and oily if you’re out all day in the open- with pollution and dust and leaves no day for a second hair day! ( But that’s probably because of pollution and not the conditioner).

I would highly recommend this product to everyone except people with oily hair. It’s definitely worth the try. The next thing I am going to try is their shampoo, and probably a face pack.

Have you tried any of their products and  recommend me to try them as well?I would love to know!

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– Somya

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