Lace Girl Gets A Little Rock

editedprerna2I have always been more of a lace person! Yes, I love being the girly girl and have almost gone to the extent to extent of stereotyping myself as the ‘laces and frills girl.’ I would always pick lace over leather and heels over sneakers, even though I know sneakers are any day more comfortable and a street style hit, they weren’t for me.  Putting on a pair of heels gave me this instant boost of confidence and a feeling of power. From peacocking in heels at fashion week every season, shopping at the mall, to dancing all night at a wedding, I plead guilty of doing it all.

However, experimenting is always good, especially when you are in the world of fashion, which is a power house of creativity and has no boundaries whatsoever. I came out of my comfort zone and decided it was finally time to try something new. While I was browsing my closet before this shoot, there were two key elements that made me style this look- my instinct and the wish to experiment.

So guys, go ahead, see how I styled my look. Try something new because you never know, like me, you might also find a new fashion streak.


Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Marks and Spencer
Footwear: Zara
Accessories: assorted
On my lips: MAC Diva and MAC Ruby Woo

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  1. crazora says:

    I love this outfit and huge fan of thrifted,marks and Spencer
    buy online kurti


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