The New L’Officiel Cover Showing Ranveer Singh with a Nose Ring Is So On Fleek!

enhanced-15280-1454053776-1The 14th anniversary cover for L’Officiel shows Bollywood’s ultra-hot man wearing a nose ring with model Smita Lasrado at the back gazing at him expectantly has swayed my heart away.

Gender neutrality is big this season, in terms of coming back as a trend and as a cultural thing (more on that later).

But, OH MY GOD! This cover is EVERYTHING! And it’s not just the inclusion of the Amrapali nose ring, but the pastel blue – Pantone Colour of the year – Gucci pussy bow blouse style shirt he’s wearing has had me drooling.

Everything is so on point, be it the blue background, the hair and makeup or the styling, this cover has kicked some serious ass.

Here are the inside images of the shoot


Hats Off, Ranveer!


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  1. TheDesiChic says:

    Only ranveer could pull that off!


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