Are You Making These Makeup Mistakes? Stop Now!


Sometimes it’s the wrong contouring across the cheek; sometimes it is messy eyeliner; and sometimes your lipstick bleeds and you end up looking like a clown. Makeup blunders are more common than you’d think. Go on and admit it, you’ve made at least one of these seven makeup blunders in your life.

Going For Fake Lashes: Do you remember that party when your friend wore fake lashes and was the topic of discussion for days? The thing with lashes is that you have to get the right size and colour of lashes so that when you apply them, you don’t look like a fake.

Cutting Your Own Bangs: We all think cutting bangs at home is very easy but it is not so. You can go terribly wrong with it and there is no cure for it. At least not till the time the hair grows out again.

Messing Up Winged Eyeliner:
Ah! Applying eyeliner is very tricky; it can go wrong very easily if your hands aren’t steady enough or the light in the room is not good enough. Practise this art with scotch tape (read this) whenever you’re free, so that your hand is good and steady when you have to do it in a rush.

Too Much Eye Makeup: Extended eye shadow, too much mascara, kajal and liner – when you put it all together, it can ruin your perfect makeup look. Have you done that?

Ombre Effect: The ombre hair colour effect is another trend that has been spotted but it is no less than a blunder. Hope you haven’t tried it yet.

Oops, Wrong Hair Colour: You wanted red and it came out orange? Just like ‘Bride Wars’ your hair colour can also go wrong.

Applying Lip Colour: We have to keeping touching up the lip colour again and again so that it doesn’t smudge on the mouth or leave lines. Read this for 8 steps to perfect lip colour from a woman whose lips stay red long after the dessert course is done with.


Foundation for your skin type: A lot of times we don’t know the right colour for our skin, so we end up with a lighter or darker shade. This makes our face look cakey and jarring.

Trying to contour your face: How many times have you gone wrong with it? I’m sure many! Sometimes the light in our powder room is such that we feel the foundation had blended well but it actual leaves lines and makes our face look dull and made up.

Face and body dissimilar complexion: Many times at wedding we notice that the face is whiter that the neck and hands. That is one of the worst make up blunder we all have made at least one. Make sure you spread the compact and foundation properly from your face to neck.

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