How to ‘Edit’ your Wardrobe

tosstakeToday morning when I opened my wardrobe, which was bursting at the seams, it took me more than an hour to scour through the hundred pieces and pick the one white shirt I was looking for. In addition, I also found my favourite blue jeans from high school (which wouldn’t climb up beyond the thighs), a pair a baby pink corduroy pants and a ripped kaftan gifted to me by my best friend. That’s when I realized that my closet is actually an emotional bank. I have loaded it not with stuff I can’t live without but with all the things I can’t part with.

Why can’t I let go of things that I will never wear anymore? Why not be a ‘wardrobe editor’ and omit the fluff? So that is what I did: I gave away all that I am not going to wear and stuck with the staple pieces. Here are few steps to edit your wardrobe and make life simpler for yourself.


Rule 1: Be ruthless. Don’t keep anything because of sentimental reasons. And trust me, a whole bunch of clothes will fit into this category. Do not keep items just because you paid a lot for them or because someone special gifted them to you. Pass them down to someone who will wear them and appreciate them. If you haven’t worn an item in years, chances are, you will never wear it ever again.Go on, chuck it out. I promise you, you won’t miss them.
Rule 2: Don’t keep garments of the wrong size. You’re a victim of wishful thinking if you believe you MAY fit into them some day. If you are a size 8, just keep garments that are the same size. Let’s face it: How many of us really manage to slim down a couple of sizes and then stay that way? You’ll be happier if you just accept your shape and size.
Rule 3: Alright, so that polka-dotted little dress has sweet memories of a sweet day out when you were in college. But, really, are you likely to ever wear it again now that you’re a working girl? Get away with colours that don’t suit you and do away without dated prints or styles. No sweet memory is worth that extra garbage in your wardrobe.
Rule 4: Keep the basics. White shirts, blue jeans and a good watch are all you need plus some quirky accessories. Make sure they are there in the closet. Do away with double-ups. If you have three black tees, try them all; keep the one that fits you best, and not just the newest. Focus on quality and not quantity.
Rule 5: Think of a number and reduce your wardrobe to that amount. So if the number is 30, make sure to stick to it and throw away the rest. This means every time you buy something new, you also give away something old at the same time. This is the best way to edit your wardrobe. We know it is not easy – you’re not only throwing away your clothes but also tiny pieces of your heart and memories. But just like life, you’ll feel better and lighter when you just do it and move on. All the best!
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